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If you have bats inside your attic, Westchester Bat Removal can help!

Westchester Bat Removal has been resolving bat infestations in the Westchester County area of New York for over 25 years. Our Bat Specialists are extensively trained to humanely remove any sized bat colony, from both residential and commercial structures. Each Bat Exclusion Process is custom tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of each home or building. This often requires a combination of specialized repair and seal up work, involving finish carpentry and proprietary bat removal techniques. Every Complete Home Bat-Proofing comes with an industry leading warranty, guaranteeing that your home will remain bat free!

Westchester Bat Removal provides 24/7 Emergency Bat Removal service throughout Westchester County, as well as the surrounding tri-state area. This includes: Putnam County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Rockland County, Passiac County, Bergen County and Fairfield County, CT.

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Whenever a bat has been found in the living space of a home, the Department of Health strongly recommends that they be trapped and tested for Rabies. This is especially important if anyone could have been sleeping while the bat was inside. Bats have incredibly sharp teeth, capable of puncturing the skin without the victim feeling it. Rabies is deadly in humans if left untreated, or not caught in time, making this a very serious situation!

If you have a bat in a room that can be closed off, shut the door and stuff a towel at the bottom, which will help prevent its escape. Then call a local Bat Removal Specialist to trap and prepare it for Rabies Testing. Avoid all contact with the bat if possible!

Westchester Bat Removal will dispatch a Bat Removal Specialistfor any Bat Emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the emergency removal and testing of the offending bat, we will perform a complete home inspection, including an examination of the attic space (if there's access) and roof-line. This will help us determine how large of an infestation you have, and what course of action is required to remedy the problem.

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Bat Removals in Westchester County, New York

Customer Testimonials - Bat Removal & Exclusions

  • "After buying our first home, my family discovered that bats were getting in the upstairs almost weekly. I asked around at work and one of my cowokers pointed me toward Westchester Bat Removal. I'm really grateful for the help they gavemy family. They found a few small spots that the bats were able to use to get inside the house. They quickly evicted the bats and repaired all of the holes, so that no more bats could get back in! They were really awesome all around!"

    John Williams - Scarsdale, NY - Westchester County Bat Removal

  • "Westchester Bat Removal is one of the best company we've had working on our house. They were professional, knowledgable, and were able to quickly solve our bat problem. They even showed up without any signs on their trucks, or logos on their crew at our request. We didn't want to scare our neighbors with our bats, and Westchester Bat Removal couldn't have been more accomidating."

    Lorraine B. - White Plains, NY (Westchester County)

  • "I called Westchester Bat Removal at 4 am with a bat in my master bedroom. The person that answered the phone was very nice. He immediately calmed down my husband and I and sent someone to our house. The process was painless. Craig caught the bat right away and took it in to be tested for rabies. Turned out the bat came in through the chimney. They came back the following afternoon and installed a cap for us. We're happy to be bat free!"

    Cynthia Schuman - Montrose, NY (Westchester County)

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Westchester Bat Removal is a full service wildlife company, capable of expertly handling every aspect of the removal process

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